My Last Gig with Alex Burns at the Drunken Poet

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell it was the end of an era on Sunday. My last official gig with Melbourne Blues guru, Alex Burns. Here’s a pic of us playing together at the Drunken Poet, one of Melbourne’s top watering holes, just across the road from the Victoria Market. This was last Sunday, Tuesday 26 Nov, 2013.

No bad feelings between us. The reason we’re calling it a day is that Alex wants to keep rehearsing and I’ve started up some new projects (I’ll be blogging about these lots soon) that are taking up my practice time.


Gig with Christophe Genoux at the South Melbourne Market

Welcome to my blog.  If you drop by, let me know you were here!

This is my first attempt at blogging, so I imagine it’ll develop as I go.  I thought I might start off with some pics of gigs I’ve been doing.  This was Christophe Genoux’s French trio at the South Melbourne Market on Thu 21 Nov, 2013.  That’s Christophe on the mic, he’s actually doing some beat boxing while Tony Mazziotta takes a bass solo.  Pretty cool.  We’re just starting off our first set when these photos were taken.  Our first tune was Diva from the film Betty Blue.  It’s in 6/4 and pretty intense as a first number, so we’re all concentrating like mad.

I’ve been thinking about what Tom Jackson (stagecraft guru) says about creating sets and he reckons start with a 3 out of 5 as people are reacting to the visuals more.  There’s a lot of considerations when choosing a setlist, it’s a tricky art.

By the last set of this gig we had a big crowd singing along with us a clapping like mad.  I don’t know how people create that from the first moment.  We seem to need some time to warm up to each other as well as to the audience.  Especially somewhere like a market gig where people are moving by all the time.